6 great movies for the Halloween season

6 great movies for the Halloween season

Posted on October 31st, 2011

by Coop Cooper
There are many great horror films out there but very few actually take place during or around Halloween. Here are six of the best…

6. “Ginger Snaps” (2000) – Ginger and her sister, Brigitte are two high school Goth outcasts… Until Ginger gets bit by a werewolf. The infection gives Ginger the confidence she’s never had… and an appetite for human flesh. The climax occurs during a Halloween party where Ginger doesn’t need a fake costume to look scary. One of the great underrated werewolf films, “Ginger Snaps” is a sly, grim allegory to the pains of female puberty. It spawned two bizarre and substandard sequels but the original has a large fan following…

THE BEST DAY short film premiere!

THE BEST DAY short film premiere!

Posted on October 19th, 2011

Date: Thursday, October 27 · 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Location: Delta Cinema, 11 3rd St., Clarksdale, MS

Written, produced and directed by Coop Cooper

Starring: Amye Gousset, David Dallas and Clarksdale natives Anna Carson Tyner and Lois McMurchy Erwin

Co-starring: Steve Hays and Allen Brown of Clarksdale.

Event will feature…

– Trailers for yet-to-be-released short films by other Mississippi filmmakers
– Screening of THE BEST DAY
– Screening of THE BEST DAY blooper reel
– Q&A session
– Presentation of gifts to the cast and crew

After party at Ground Zero Blues Club @ 7pm (food included/free beer & wine)

SPECIAL NOTE: This is the first festival-qualifying narrative short film made by Clarksdale natives!

Approx. rating: PG-13

Here’s a link to the trailer:

Hope to see you there!

– Coop Cooper

“Footloose” might be the best 80’s remake ever

“Footloose” might be the best 80’s remake ever

Posted on October 14th, 2011

The current trend of remaking beloved films of past generations is often met with ire by both critics and movie goers alike. In spite of this vicious cycle, Memphian filmmaker Craig Brewer has accomplished a near impossible feat… He remade one of the most beloved pop movies from the 80’s and actually improved upon it. In short, “Footloose” (2011) is an amazingly entertaining film.

Teen orphan Ren McCormack (Kenny Wormald) moves from Boston to a small town in Georgia after his mother dies of cancer. His good-hearted uncle (Ray McKinnon) takes him in and makes him feel at home, but Ren soon runs afoul of a county ordinance that bans loud music and dancing…

Best new primetime TV shows of the 2011 season

Best new primetime TV shows of the 2011 season

Posted on October 12th, 2011

“Terra Nova” (Monday 7pm on FOX) – In the future where Earth has become ravaged and polluted, adventurous citizens get the chance to go back in time to the dinosaur age (85 million B.C.) to begin a new civilization. Ex-cop Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara) breaks out of prison to join his family on a one-way trip to the past. On the other side they encounter two warring factions of humans fighting over a well-protected secret while trying to survive amongst predatory monsters. Plagued by clichés, the first episode rose above the poor writing with big-budgeted special effects and an intriguing mystery reminiscent of “Lost.” Trying to duplicate some of the qualities of “Avatar,” the show employs “Avatar” veteran Stephen Lang to play the gruff militaristic leader of the main colony. The pilot showed a lot of promise. Hopefully it becomes more like “Lost” and less like “Land of the Lost.”(…)

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