10 Most Overrated Movies of 2010 by COOP

Posted on January 18th, 2011
Posted on January 18th, 2011

Every year there are several acclaimed films that really rub me the wrong way.  It’s not that I don’t agree they are all good, some are and some aren’t, but something about them bugged me and no one can convince me otherwise.

I plan on getting some hate mail for these because they are all popular choices for critics as well as the general public.  Hopefully many of you will agree with me on one or more of these because let’s face it, it’s awards season and I’ve got a bad feeling that Inception isn’t going to win a thing despite being the best movie of the year.  That sad realization makes this list feel like sweet justice…


Yep, this was on my “Top 10” list but it also annoyed me so much, I have to drag it through the mud a bit.  I’m convinced it’s going to sweep the Academy Awards much like it did the Golden Globes.  This should NOT be.  Sure, the script is as flawless as the performances and it deserves some recognition, but everyone seems to be forgetting that it’s about the creators of a recent POP-CULTURE PHENOMENON that has yet to come full circle.  This seriously annoys me.  There were way more inventive and original projects in 2010 that accomplished the same level of cinematic mastery if not more.  They deserve the big awards, not this smug biopic that came out 20 years too soon.

9.  EASY A

Here’s a concept I was mildly looking forward to.  I liked the cast (especially Emma Stone) and the trailers made it look light and fun with only a hint of PG-13 raunch.  Instead it became an exercise in mean-spirited intent and foul, faux-clever dialogue.  I’m surprised it didn’t raise more eyebrows for it’s complete lack of tact and common sense towards the subject of teen promiscuity.  At least Heathers stayed true to its tone as an ironic dark comedy.  Easy A tried for the sweet angle and went a bit too ugly and dark for its own good.

8.  RED

It sounded like a good idea.  A bunch of retired assassins (great cast by the way) defend themselves with extreme prejudice when their former agency turns against them.  I was having fun with this one until it took a turn towards the silly…  and then it just got sillier.  By the end I was so mentally checked out by how dumb it had gotten, I stood up before the credits started.  And yet it was nominated for a Golden Globe.  Lame.

7.  SALT

I never made it to the end of this movie after trying to sit through it a record four times.  Is Angelina Jolie a Russian sleeper spy?  Do we care?  Why is she jumping from trains and performing ridiculously dated Tomb Raider stunts throughout what was supposed to be a smart espionage thriller?  Ugh, no wonder I couldn’t finish it.  Jolie’s career is going nowhere and even the title Salt is the goofiest of the year.  Depressing that it’s presently one of the top 10 movie rentals in America.


It looked like the perfect action movie.  Too bad no one bothered to read the script or spend any money on decent special effects.


This movie was so after my heart I can’t believe it failed so miserably.  Splice sounded like the perfect updating of the whole David Cronenberg “Body Horror” sub-genre but it ended up a sloppy story with completely unlikable characters.  The actions the two leads took were so selfish, dumb and downright disgusting, it bordered on ludicrous.  By the end I wanted everyone to hurry up and die so it would end.  Shame on critics for comparing this shallow film as a worthy revisiting of classic body horror when Black Swan completely trumped it in every aspect.


Who can make a story about clones raised to donate their organs to the rich a dull and boring story?  That Japanese dude who wrote The Remains of the Day that’s who.  This movie is so stuck up and stuffy in the British sense that it gives us little chance to marvel at the concept of the film.  We care about the characters a little but what is happening to them is so glossed over that it becomes just another morose class-warfare drama that takes place in the English countryside.  I opted to see this over the amazing The King’s Speech.  Boy did I pick the wrong horse on that one.

3.  127 HOURS

Danny Boyle really pushed it with this one.  Coming off his sweeping victory with Slumdog Millionaire he chose to do an experimental film with essentially one character.  This is a case where I really appreciate the story, James Franco’s performance and what Boyle was trying to do.  I had trouble appreciating the execution of what should have been more of a survival horror film.  Some of the main character’s hallucinations and daydreams were outright loony and irritating. The film completely caught my attention during the famous “arm dismembering” scene which made me uncharacteristically squeamish but the rest wasn’t enough to keep me interested.  I hope Boyle tries something more epic next time.


Oscar-worthy, A-list performances by the two leads?  Yes, but Blue Valentine is still miserable movie-going experience.  I fail to understand the desire to watch the painfully slow death of a doomed relationship in what amounts to the story of most American relationships these days.  It’s mundane and depressing wading through four times the misery and melodrama just to get a glimpse of the sweetness these characters once had for each other.  I can understand that a lot of people identify with this couple and see the failed relationship of their parents or perhaps even their own.  Me?  I’m not a glutton for that type of cathartic punishment.  Plus the hipster music made me want to vomit.


There’s always one film per year that really stumps me as to why critics and audiences heap so much praise upon it.  To me, The Fighter was a exercise in enduring insufferable characters to a point where I still hated them all by the end of the film.  I have a weak spot for down-on-his-luck boxer movies but even Mark Wahlberg’s lead character was so weak-willed and whiny, I wanted to slap him.  Everyone else came across as trashy and pathetic.  I couldn’t identify with any of them.  Melissa Leo better watch it before she is typecast as every white-trash-momma character in Hollywood.  Plus it took Christian Bale playing a disgusting crackhead to finally win a Golden Globe.  Good performances don’t mean squat to me if we don’t care about the characters.  This was a true story that strived to be uplifting, but with characters this repulsive, how can it be anything short of a laughing stock?


– THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT:  I don’t like to be bullied into watching a wannabe politically correct comedy about a lesbian couple who meets the sperm donor for their children.  It sounded as dreadful then as it does now and the edgy/timely subject matter doesn’t phase me.  I refused to see Mama Mia last year and this one sounds no better.

-RABBIT HOLE:  As I learned from In the Bedroom, those types of Oscar-baiting family melodramas don’t appeal to me at all.  Director John Cameron Mitchell doesn’t float my boat either.  I saw his self indulgent Shortbus and decided his subject matter wasn’t my cup of tea.  If he directs something like Terminator I’ll give him a second chance.

-THE GHOST WRITER:  I’m still on a Polanski boycott but if I break it, it will be this film… when I get around to it.

-ALICE IN WONDERLAND:  Tim Burton needs a new career path.

-EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP:  I was a high school teacher in Los Angeles for 5 years so I have strong feelings about this…  Graffiti is vandalism, not art.

-I’M STILL HERE:  Hoax documentaries pretending to be real should not qualify as legit cinema.

-CATFISH:  Hoax documentaries pretending to be real should not qualify as legit cinema.

-TOY STORY 3:  I loved How to Train Your Dragon but I missed out on the first two installments of this series.  I understand they are meta and clever but I just don’t wanna see a movie about talking toys.  Dragons are way cooler.

-BURLESQUE:  Aguilera and Cher in the same movie and it misrepresents the true art of burlesque?  You couldn’t pay me.

-FRANKIE AND ALICE:  Halle Berry and who?

I like writing these articles.  It allows me to be like Ed Asner…  as cranky as I want to be.  Be looking out for the Oscar nominations on Jan. 22*.  Unfortunately many of the films I mentioned above will be on that list of nominees.


*CORRECTION:  My inside sources at the Academy tell me the date is actually the 25th at 5:30am.

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